Keep up with the pack. #CuteButTough

Before they have the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Adulting is overrated. Let them live in the moment and be a kid for kids-sake, with Animal Packers.

Wildly Functional

Fashion should follow function. A backpack should be built for utility, even if it’s super cute. Animal Packers are soft, yet sturdy. They have pockets, inserts, and features that kids and parents need.

For travel, play, school, or camp, an Animal Packer is the handiest of companions.

Packed with Care

When you order from our website, your Animal Packers backpack comes in an exclusive colorable box.

Play, Rinse, Repeat

A backpack that can withstand the rigors of playtime should also stand up to repeat washing. We put each pack to the test and made sure they could make it through wash after wash, for years and years.

Ease of Mind, Easy on the Back

A good kid’s backpack takes some weight off your shoulders too. Animal Packers are designed for small children and their physiological needs.