PLAY and LEARN Together!

Animal Packers is an INTERACTIVE Brand for Young Families...Our 'Learn by Doing' Philosophy will engage you and your child month after month!  When you purchase a backpack, we'll send you our "Let's Get Ready" kid-friendly checklists, and two Interactive Journals, "My First Science Journal" and "My First DIY Journal."  Each of these journals contains FIVE fun-filled activities, complete with 'journaling' pages designed with Little Ones in mind.

AND.....we send you NEW, themed Activities EVERY MONTH for a year!

Packed with CARE!

When you order from our website, your Animal Packers backpack comes in an exclusive colorable box.  Get out the crayons, paints or markers and have fun! Use it to collect treasures, as a gift box for a friend or as a 'home' for your new BFF!

Play, Wash.... REPEAT!

Childhood is MESSY! A kids backpack that can withstand the rigors of playtime should also stand up to repeat machine washing. We put each backpack to the test and made sure they could make it through wash after wash and come out ready for more adventures!

This just warms my heart.....

Happy Customers!