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whimsically designed, ethically sourced, ridiculously cute!

Little Kid Backpacks

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Our Backpacks are WASHABLE!

We include the 'Care Bag' to make wash day easy.

THIS backpack has been washed 6 times! 

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Ready for Action

And packing the cutest backpack in town!

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Made from Lightweight material

Your Little will always travel 'light' in a backpack that fells so good and fits so well......

.....he might forget he's carrying it!

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Toddler Backpacks, ethically sourced  Chicklet Backpack

ethics are a big deal to us

Our bags are thoughtfully designed, sourced and manufactured.

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Nay-Nay Monkey Toddler Backpack, perfect for travel, washable

Grab your backpack ..... Let's GO!!

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