All Names Mean Something - Part 2

All Names Mean Something - Part 2!

Meet Buckie, Sammy and Austin!
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Buckie Horse

My daughter Rene'e (for whom Nay-Nay Monkey is named - see part 1) married a great guy named William Buckley, known to all as "Buck." Buck grew up in a small Texas town, developing both a great work ethic and a love for building things. When he and Rene'e decided to start their own construction and remodeling business, Buck quickly proved himself to be an amazing "Work Horse!" Obviously, I had to name our horse "Buckie!"

Sammy Bull

My sweet niece, Samantha has always been a big fan of the Texas Longhorns. Both her parents and siblings attended school there, and when it was her turn, she too, decided to become a Longhorn. Samantha not only earned her Bachelors and Masters degrees, but she was also a key athlete on their swim team! One year for her birthday, I made her the backpack shown in the picture, and she loved it. So of course, I HAD to put this fun character in our line.

Austin Bat

I've lived in the Austin area since I graduated from Texas A&M way back in the mid-80's, so I've seen this city grow quite a bit! Austin boasts a very educated demographic with a distinct 'hippie' vibe. (Thus the motto "Keep Austin Weird.") From high-techies to strong environmentalists, Austin has something for everyone's interests. Being a nerdy engineering, science type, I love the idea that Austin has the largest urban bat colony in North America (approximately 1.5 million Mexican free-tail bats!) This colony lives under the Congress street bridge over Lady Bird Lake in downtown Austin. Our bats help "Keep Austin Weird!"