When Do Kids Start Developing a Personality?

You can never be too careful online shopping when you have a kid around. I found this out myself just the other day. As I was browsing the Animal Packers website, scrolling through the list of all theanimal backpack characters, my son crept up behind me and was immediately drawn to one of the backpacks.The Austin Bat.

He went on to say that he wanted the bag so much because he missed seeing the bats under the Austin Congress bridge. I didn’t even think he would remember that! But at this point, after saying how he missed his hometown, I had to get it. If only he knew the guilts of parenthood, I’d be helpless!

As an active kid, Animal Packers are perfectbackpacks for kindergartners like my son. If it gets dirty, a quick rinse in the washing machine and it’s good as new. They even provide a laundry bag to go along with every backpack!

I feel confident that the backpack will uphold the test of time. Which is great, because of how attached my son already is to the backpack! Not only will it make his first year of school more fun, but it also serves as a friend and a nice reminder of home.

After having to buy a new backpack almost every other year for my kids, I am relieved to finally have found acute and durable backpack made especially for kids at this age. Before, they were either to small to fit folders or so big that they would constantly slouch off their shoulders. A kid’s life isn’t that tough, but these are just constant distractions and disturbances that they would much rather live without.

Thesecute animal backpacks by Animal Packers were designed by an engineer who is also a Grandmother. If anyone was going to createkindergarten and preschool backpacks, it would be her.

Besides getting my son a much-needed item for school, him choosing his ownanimal backpack was a chance to express his personality. To show his character through what he likes. Letting them make decisions like this help build them as individuals and grow into the people that they one day will be.