Live In The Moment

Unprecedented Positivity

When you look down at that smiling, tomato sauce covered face, the first thing you think of isn’t going to be the bowl of spaghetti you have to clean off the ground. It’s going to be the beam of joy pouring out of your child.

Whether that joy comes from them being able to watch us clean up their mess, or from a passionate dislike for Italian food that they are trying to communicate, we have no idea. But what we do know, and very well, is the simple bliss possessed by all children. It’s what fueled us, both as parents and ananimal backpack company, to create a product for kids that they can enjoy and project their happiness through.

In fact, it was the happiness of my very own granddaughter, Olivia, who you could say prompted me to start designing and sellingcute animal backpacks. With eyes as big as the animal she wanted, Olivia asked me if I could make a “Yion backpack”. A quick mom decryption (as a grandmother, this is something I have become very skilled at) led me to what she meant, a Lion backpack. And so I got straight to work.

As an engineer who specialized in high-frequency circuit design and antenna systems, creatinganimal backpacks for toddlers was something well within my capabilities. I knew that with the right research, I could design the most optimalanimal backpack for my granddaughter and kids across the country.

But what I was uncertain about was capturing that youthful exuberance and uncapped joy that resonates within every child. How could I make a product that not only was fit to function but reciprocated the natural glow that we as parents so often admire in our beautiful kids?

Tapping Into My Childhood

When I was first designing the Lion backpack for Olivia, I began coming up with several other characters as well. And like a kid with a coloring book, I really began having fun with it! I imagine it’s the same type of joy that comes with playing with your food. Or making a mess. But after years of high-level engineer work, it felt nice to be doing something so simple. So honest and pure.

What I realized was I had been drawing characters that I had drawn as a kid! Without even realizing it, I tapped into that part of my mind that I had long since lost touched with. It was a new energy that had surged upon me. A perfect storm to start a company that designsanimal backpacks for toddlers.

As I started sharing my dream with other parents, I saw the same spark of joy illuminate in each of them. When the kids looked into the smiling faces of ourcute animal backpacks and squeezed their new best friend, I also started seeing some of that joy being projected through the parents.

They started remembering how something as simple as abackpack with animals on them could bring such happiness. And it brought them back to similar aspects of their lives when things seemed much easier. Is it too late to trade in our briefcases for arocket the dog backpack?

While our youthful mentalities may not be with us anymore, it still exists within our kids and the experiences we share with them. We encourage all parents to harness the limitless, positive energy that exists within their kids. Whether that be through the exploration of their imagination or the furthering of their creativity, let them be a kid for kids-sake.