Back to School and the Start of Something New : Why I Chose Animal Packers

September 27, 2017

Back to School and the Start of Something New : Why I Chose Animal Packers

Guest Post by Jennifer Cote,
Media Magician, Animal Packers
I have just recently entered my senior year of college, which we all know means that I will soon be plopped in the dreaded “real world”. As I began to accept my fate, I started my search for internships in order to get experience in the marketing field before I attempt to start a career.

I read listing after listing and chuckled at all of the different ways “administrative duties” were described and glorified. I cringed at the probability of becoming an intern exiled to a back room to shred papers, that is, until I saw a little black dog on my screen next to the Animal Packers listing for an intern.

When I got the email back requesting an interview my stomach was immediately laced in butterflies, the type that cannot be sorted out from nerves or excitement. When I was approaching the door my nervous butterflies definitely took over, but soon fluttered away.

I met Debra and Liz and began chatting with them about the position as expected, but soon we were talking about all of the things that inspire Debra in her journey. My longing to work with them grew, which was probably obvious given my incapability to hold in my laughter.

I am ecstatic to be the newest member of the team for many reasons, but in short, because Debra has a clear vision, a direct mission, and undeniable passion for her business. Her values and inspirations are visible in her work as she thinks through things with others in mind.

I am so lucky to have met Debra and thankful that I am able to gain the experience I was craving in an internship. She is the kind of person that drives my motivation to give back to her through my own work.

I am so happy that I saw Rocket, the little black dog in the corner of that job listing. Rocket was the light at the end of the tunnel and I am very proud to be able to tell everyone about him, as well as Debra and the wonderful designs she creates.