Can Your Kid's Backpack Do This?

Maybe Not So Innocent

When you look down into your Little’s adorable, gleaming, innocent eyes, it’s hard to imagine that they were the one responsible for painting the living room couch in peanut butter just the other week. Or spilling grape juice on your wedding dress. Or shaving the cat with some sort of inverted mohawk.

The point is that until we’ve been parents for a little while, it’s hard to imagine how messy and destructive our kids can be. We want to see the best in them, so this is natural. But when they come back from a playdate with half their lunch on their T-shirt, we start to adopt a new type of mentality. A mentality that Debra, founder ofAnimal Packers and Grandmother of 3 has come to understand very clearly.

In fact, it’s the same mentality that she had while designing Animal Packerscute animal backpacks for kids. By creating a backpack that is “engineered for adventure” and designed to go the distance, we ensure that every one of ourbackpacks are both cute and durable.

Engineered for Adventure

There’s a lot that separates our animal backpacks from the rest.

1. It weighs only 7 ounces!
That means you can fill it with up to 5 pounds worth of snacks, stuffed animals, jackets, baby wipes, etc. and it’ll still be totally carry-able safely by your little one.

2. It has padded, adjustable shoulder straps.
We even offer a tutorial to walk you through perfectly trimming the extra webbing to make sure our animal backpack is perfect for your kid

3. The kid-proof design
The zipper is tucked (no jammed strings), it has a large and bright interior, a front pocket for littler things, and 2 side pockets for drinks, toys, or snacks.

But what separates our cute and durable backpacks is the fact that it isENTIRELY. MACHINE. WASHABLE.

That means thesecute animal backpacks for kids can stay good as new, over and over again, no matter what they get into. All Animal Packers, like Chicklet, Rocket, and Booski Bear come with a care bag for you to tuck the pack into, and wash like anything else.

So when dirt happens (or boogers, smelly socks, pudding, mud), just empty it out, place it in the provided care bag, toss it in the washing machine, reshape, and get it back on your kid’s back! It’s easy, and keeps you from buying a new backpack year after year.

When your on the go, ouranimal backpacks have plenty of room for extra clothes in case that dirt ends up elsewhere. Like all over a t-shirt!

All backpacks should be designed by engineers.

But more importantly, all backpacks for kids should be easily cleaned and last a long time. Easier for them, easier for you.

As a parent, you’re already a superhero. You’ve heard that cliché before. Let Animal Packers be your sidekick, giving you more time for everything else.

Help your kid choose their new adventure companion today.