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Yeah.....A new Baby! Growing families are wonderful and watching your older child become a sibling is one of the joys of parenting! (Don't worry, she'll adjust to being a big sister!)

But NOW, let’s get practical. The new baby means that whenever you go anywhere with the kids, you have to pack MORE STUFF! We pack up a relatively large piece of luggage we call the “Diaper Bag.” (.....but every parent knows, the diapers are only a very small part of what goes into this essential bag.)

When you only had to worry about the needs of one child, you didn't need much. Now, as your family grows, you have to think about and anticipate the needs of an infant and a toddler, or maybe more! Obviously, this is an easy task for any Mom or Dad, but who wants to actually carry all that stuff?
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Promoting independence in our "Littles" is part of our job as parents. So, why not teach them that carrying their own stuff is fun? They can be big boys and girls by carrying everything they need in their very own (lightweight AND washable) "Little" Backpack!

A day trip to the grocery store, a visit to the park or an afternoon at the splash pad means that Mom (or Dad) has to plan ahead.
  • What exactly is needed for these few hours?
  • Will it all fit in the diaper bag?
  • Even if it will, can Mom carry all of that PLUS the baby, too?
  • Where will she put HER stuff?

Here's our (Non-scientific) Analysis:

Mom's Diaper Bag
(if she carries everything!)
1.  Diapers for the infant. One for each hour you'll be out, plus a few extra – just in case.
2.  Diapers for the toddler
3.  Wipes
4.  Hand sanitizer
5.  Changing pad
6.  Diaper creams, lotions
7.  Plastic or biodegradable bags
8.  Bottle(s) of formula if needed
9.  Snacks suitable for toddlers
10. Sippy cup, water bottle or juice box
11. Blanket for the baby
12. Blanket for the toddler 
13. Extra clothes for the baby
14. Extra clothes for the toddler 
15. Pacifier for the baby
16. Pacifier for the toddler
17. Sunscreen or hat for baby 
18. Sunscreen or hat for the toddler
19. Emergency information
20. Small Toys, books, favorite stuffed animal
Toddler's Backpack
(if he carries his own stuff)
1.  Diapers for the toddler
2.  Snacks suitable for toddlers
3. Sippy cup, water bottle or juice box
4. His own blanket
5. Extra clothes (because....toddler)
6. His pacifier for emergencies
7. Sunscreen or hat
8. Small Toys, books, favorite stuffed animal

If anything spills, leaks, squishes out or splatters, don't worry, our little backpacks are machine washable!
Then Mom ONLY carries:
(with room for HER stuff!)
1.  Diapers for the infant. One for each hour you'll be out, plus a few extra – just in case.
2.  Wipes
3.  Hand sanitizer
4.  Changing pad
5.  Diaper creams, lotions
6.  Plastic or biodegradable bags
7.  Bottle(s) of formula if needed
8. Blanket for the baby
9. Extra clothes for the baby
10. Pacifier for the baby
11. Sunscreen or hat for baby 
12. Emergency information
Chicklet is available in more colors!
Chicklet Backpack

What about the weight?

Doctors and physical therapists recommend that "Littles" carry no more than 10% to 15% of their body weight in their backpacks. That means for children 27 - 40 pounds, they should carry 2.7 - 4.6 pounds.

I pulled together all the stuff listed above, just to see how heavy it all was. Together, it all weighed about 3 pounds. Good news, right? (See Backpack Features)

You can see that our Chickletbackpack is the perfect size for this almost 2-year-old! She may be reluctant to go to preschool, but she loves wearing her backpack!

Ditch the Diaper Bag!

Independence is empowering for your "Little," and FREEING for you!