An Interview with Olivia
In this super-fun interview, Olivia offers her advice on what new kids backpack designs we should add to our current zoo collection. She talks about what she likes to carry in her own animal backpack, what she likes to learn about, growing up and why she likes bugs. But the best part is her recommendations for new're going to LOVE it!

We start the interview with her "famous" question: "Nana, can you make me a 'yion?'

Interview Highlights:

  • 1:50 What she likes to put in her backpack for both school and fun
  • 3:05 Thoughts on growing up
  • 3:48 What she likes to learn about
  • 4:15 Bugs
  • 4:40 Favorite Things
  • 5:00 Olivia's Animal Backpack recommendations - Bugs revisited!

I just LOVE this drawing, don't you?

All the legs, the antenna and the SMILE!!
She's right.....they ARE cute!