Office Products are NOT designed for Little Bodies......

But our Kids Backpacks ARE!

When a child starts school, parents are told to get the child a backpack. Schools actually REQUIRE children to carry a backpack to and from school. Not only are kids required to carry a backpack, that backpack is REQUIRED to accommodate a standard-sized office folder.

Standard-Sized OFFICE folder...... REALLY??

That's a lot of 'requiring,' don't you think?

At first blush, the office-folder requirement doesn't seem like a big deal. However, think about the back of your little 3 -year-old preschooler. Or the size of your "little-for-his-age" Kindergartener. An office folder is simply too long and too wide for these tiny little backs.

So, if the child MUST carry a backpack that MUST carry an office folder, it stands to reason that the backpack will be......
kids backpack hitting child's legs


A standard-sized backpack easily accommodates an office folder. But, a standard-sized backpack (like the one shown here) clearly doesn't fit THE CHILD. As he walks, the backpack will hit his legs, and create an unstable, dangerous situation. WHO needs THAT?

But the bottom line is that this is the way we've always done it: backpacks are REQUIRED for kids going to school and the backpack is REQUIRED to hold a standard-sized office folder. Period.

If the backpack is too big for the child, WHO CARES???

Well, Animal Packers cares!

Proper fit for a preschool backpack

That's why we designed a kids backpack that FITS the KID!

When adjusted properly, the top of the backpack should rest just below the child's neck, as shown on this adorable Little Girl. The bottom of the backpack should rest at the top of her hips, so that is does NOT impede walking, and running around.

As you can see, Booski Bear (who, by the way, CAN accommodate an office folder if you don't mind the folder having crushed corners at the top) fits this Kindergartner perfectly!

She can carry everything she needs to and from school, she can walk (or run) without the backpack hitting her legs and it's the right size for her little frame.
Booski Bear for the WIN!

We design for the CHILD, not for office products!

The top corners of the office folder might get a little crumpled, but who cares more about a folder than the comfort of their child?

These other animal backpack styles easily accommodate a standard-sized office folder, and you can see how GREAT they fit these Kindergarteners! Send them off with their new BFF who will always have their back!