Phase 2: Selling!!!

December 08, 2017

Phase 2: Selling!!!

From IDEA to PRODUCTS....and Beyond!

We've gone from IDEA to PRODUCTS about 14 months. WHEW!

What a journey!

In the beginning, we conducted several surveys to determine what our 'potential' customers liked. Was there any style that wouldn't sell? Was one of my color choices just wrong?
The surveys told us that the 4 characters we were launching with were ALL viable in ALL colors. So I spent the last several months bringing these products to LIFE!
We launched in OCT 2017
at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas. This is a buyers' show, and our 2017 Show Goals were two-fold:
  • get into a few stores by the end of 2017
  • gather 75-100 qualified leads for 2018.
We'd like to eventually be in several stores, but we thought this would be an aggressive goal for 2017.

Liz and I worked super-hard for 3 days and met buyers from all over the world. I'm happy to say that part of our 2017 goal was met by getting our products into 4 stores, and acquiring about 50 qualified leads!

The Las Vegas Show was an open-air, 'Plaza-style' set-up, as you can see from the photo. Everything around us was white, so our colors popped!
Our next stop.....
Consumer Shows!
We knew that we needed to better understand our "End-buyer" so we decided to go to 2 show between Thanksgiving and Christmas. These shows happened to be on consecutive weekends, but, since we were trying to get our products out there, we decided it was the best strategy.

Our first show was in Fredericksburg, Texas at a large Holiday Shopping Show. We sold several bags, listened to our customers (and little consumers) and began to hone our sales process.

The show was in a dark place, which I really didn't like, but our booth and products popped.....again! Several people told us that they had to come see what was so colorful!
(The bright colors are REALLY working for us!)
Once shoppers saw the QUALITY of the backpacks, felt how LIGHTWEIGHT they were and saw how EXCITED the "Littles" were....
they were happy to become our CUSTOMERS!
The following weekend,
we went to Georgetown, Texas for their Annual Christmas Stroll. This was a GREAT show for Animal Packers! Not only did we sell-out of 2 styles, we are beginning to identify our TOP SELLERS! We spend the weekend outside in beautiful weather talking to happy holiday shoppers!

Here, you can see Booski, Chicklet and Nay-Nay hoping to be chosen!

But...... ROCKET is our best seller so far, and we were not surprised. However, we were surprised that the PINK and BLUE versions were the most popular!

Blue Rocket
I'm a best seller!
Pink Rocket
I'm a best-seller
Pink Booski
I'm popular, too!
Blue Nay-Nay
Hey...Me, too!!