Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind Item #1: Our backpacks are machine washable!

I firmly believe that any textile product that will be worn by a child MUST be machine washable. And I'm NOT talking about "wipe clean with a damp cloth" washable. I'm talking about washing it in the MACHINE. We even include a custom-sized 'care-bag' when it's time to wash the grimy backpack. In .................... the .................... MACHINE!

I'll say it again in big bold letters:

Animal Packers makes machine washable backpacks!

Peace of Mind Item #2: Kids love us!

We want you to feel good about our brand. We want you to be the hero in your own story, to give a gift you know they'll love and cherish for years. We also want your little ones to fall so in love with our animal characters that they'll want to take it everywhere they go.

We've seen some really adorable kid reactions to our backpacks at several consumer shows. Children come into the booth, pick their favorite animal backpack them throw the 'mother-of-all-tantrums' when their parents try to take it off of them! We've seen it ourselves and we've heard from many parents. Here are a few amusing stories of Littles falling in love with their new BFF:
  • The little boy who refused to take off the backpack even at bath-time! His parents sent the cutest picture of his naked little backside in the tub, still wearing his blue Nay-Nay Monkey backpack. (Obviously, we can’t show you the picture.)
  • The sweet little dancer who grabbed yellow Sammy Bull off the sample shelf, put it on and started singing and dancing, “My Cow, My Cow!” When Mom tried to remove the sample so we could give her one that was still wrapped, she threw an impressive tantrum. Mom just bought the sample. (I've been there, too, Mom. I'd have done the same thing.)
  • The adorable little guy who loved blue Booski Bear so much that every other backpack got an emphatic negative reaction. Mom wanted a brand new one, and this sweet guy had a total meltdown until I could unwrap the new one. I unwrapped FAST, let me tell you! He left the booth super-happy with giant tears on his cheeks. What a cutie!
  • The Little girl who had to have pink, but wasn't sure which animal. She started pulling down all the pink ones and putting them next to each other so she could compare. I ended up helping her, and in the end, her new BFF became Buckie Horse. We hear that she never goes anywhere without it!

We've got the cuteness down, we've got the "Littles LOVE it" down and we made

MACHINE washable backpacks

(that's right, put it in the MACHINE with all their other dirty clothes)

How's that for Peace of Mind?