Animal Packers is an ODM Company. 

ODM stands for “Original Design Manufacture.” What that means is that we create all our own designs from our imaginations.  (You can rest assured that all our designs are our own, and always will be!  We do not, nor will we ever, simply change or ‘tweek’ a factory’s existing design. Producing ORIGINAL products is one of our Company values.)

The chart shows basically how this happens.  It is MOST DEFINITELY more difficult than it looks.....but these ARE the basics.

So, how do you take an ODM Product, one that you dream up in your head, and get it manufactured? 

More specifically, how do you get it manufactured predictably, repeatably and timely AND a cost that so that YOU, the Company, can charge a reasonable price to YOUR customers, yet still have enough margin to make money? .......whew.....

 I KNOW…..Great Question, RIGHT???