All Names Mean Something - Part 1

Someone recently asked about the Names of our Characters.

Here's the back-story.................

Once I decided to put the faces of animals on the pre-school backpacks, I started drawing (or should I say RE-drawing) characters that my sister and I drew when we were kids. I drew a monkey, a mouse, a cat, a bear, a lion, a chick, dogs (several breeds, actually), a rabbit, a fish, a frog, etc. I secured copyrights for all the designs and began to figure out which ones I would concentrate on. I chose the monkey, the bear, the bird and one of the dogs.

These 4 designs would launch our new brand!

My goal was (and still is) to build a complete BRAND. I knew that, over time, I’d have multiple designs within the line. I also knew that I wanted the Brand to mature and ‘grow up’ just like Littles! (We’re hoping to launch our Elementary Line in 2019!) I was putting so much time, energy and effort into designing backpacks and figuring out the best way to manufacture them that ‘Animal Packers’ the Brand, started to take on a life of its own. The brand personality was developing, and I wanted to put as much uniqueness into it as I could. I wanted the brand to authentically represent me not only in business values, but also in design choices.

Obviously, these new characters needed names, and I wanted them all to have names that were not only meaningful to me, the designer, but also relate-able, fun-sounding names for our customers.

I thought about several naming schemes but then thought: "Wouldn’t it be perfect if each Animal Packers character had something in common with someone or something that is important to me?

All Names Mean Something!

Meet our first four "characters":

Nay-Nay Monkey

Named for my beautiful, loving, super-athletic daughter Rene'e, who turned cartwheels everywhere we went. She was such a good gymnast and cheerleader when she was in school. Now, she's raising 3 Littles of her own, building a business and doing an AMAZING job!

Booski Bear

'Booski' was a nick-name I used for my fun-loving, hard-working, talented son, Russell, who "beat-boxed" before it was a 'thing.' He was my little noise-maker and would often drive his sister nuts. It was all worth it; just LOOK where it got him ......... all the way to the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra!


Named for my beautiful, kind, hard-working daughter Anna. Just LOOK at those AMAZING eyes. "Chickie" was the nick-name her Dad used as she grew up. Now, this Sweet Lady helps others feel and look beautiful with her talents as a make-up artist and esthetician!


Rocket is named for our corporation, "Cobalt Rocket, LLC." As our logo, Rocket is featured on everything, and he appears 'in character' on every other backpack design. Over time, 'Rocket' has actually developed a personality! He quickly became known by his name, and I find that to be so much FUN!

However, in August of 2018, something amazing happened. The name "Rocket" took on a whole new meaning. We'll tell you all about it after we introduce our next 3 characters!
Next Post - Our next 3 designs: Buckie Horse, Sammy Bull & Austin Bat!