An Animal Packer's Easter - Part 1

In a clearing among a forest, with dew-coated grass and the sound of wind breezing through branches, there slept a small chick, and her dog friend. As the sun rose over the clearing, casting long shadows towards the forest behind them, birds began singing their morning songs. Little creatures in the forest began to scurry about, making a soft, buzzing sound all around them.

Chicklet, feathers tousled from sleep, sat up and yawned. It was quite a big yawn for such a little bird. She turned to Rocket, who slept nearby, to check if he was awake.

“Rocket…!” She chirped softly, “Are you awake over there? It’s Easter Eve!” Chicklet remembered, dozing a bit back into her dream world, where she had already been hunting for eggs. Rocket, who was just waking up, heard Chicklet’s little chirps and sat up to see the excited little bird.

“Yes, I’m awake Chicklet. And yes, Easter is tomorrow! The gang will be rolling in all day today.” Rocket was a little more groggy than Chicklet, as usual. He couldn’t fathom how she always arose so chipper, but loved her all the more for it.

“Oh I can’t wait to see Booski Bear! And Sammy Bull! Oh and Buckie Horse and Austin Bat and Nay Nay Monkey! Eep!”

The little bird fluttered above the ground a bit as her excitement grew. Rocket chuckled and the two set off to find some breakfast and wait under the Spring sun until their friends arrived. There was still much work to be done before the big Easter egg hunt!

Later that day, everyone had arrived, and they were diligently working on decorating their eggs. Booski had drawn a trout on his egg, and dyed the shell blue like the river. Buckie had dipped his egg in blue and green, and was drawing tiny flowers now.

“It’s a prairie,” he said proudly, presenting his colorful egg to Sammy.

Nearby, Austin Bat and Nay Nay asked the group, “I wonder if Debra will be joining our egg hunt?”

“I don’t think so,” said Rocket, “She’s much too busy working onanimal backpacks for the Littles, remember?”

“The ones that look like us!!” Squeaked Chicklet. The group remembered and smiled. “Plus, maybe the Easter bunny needs help hiding our eggs. I bet Debra is great at hiding eggs.”

“Who gets the animal backpacks that look like us?” Austin wondered aloud.

Booski answered, “All kinds of Littles, I think. They’re designed just for kids, so I can’t imagine there’s a Little out there that couldn’t use one.” He went on, “They could be ananimal bookbag, for preschoolers. Or akids’ hiking pack. I bet they take us on all kinds of adventures, even if they don’t wander too far from their backyard.”

The group took turns imagining what kinds of trips the Littles used theiranimal backpacks for, telling great tales of mountain climbing and giant recess playgrounds. Soon, all the eggs would be properly decorated and it would be time to sleep, and wait, for the Easter bunny.

Could moreanimal backpacks for kids be joining the Animal Packer family? Stay tuned to find out! For now,show the gang what theirquality kids backpacks can do by filling them with what your Little needs! Easter eggs, perhaps?