Meet the Packers: The Friends Behind the Faces

An Animal Packers Spring Break

Spring has come, and the Animal Packers are ready to celebrate.

Buckie Horse and Sammy Bull were excited, looking forward to grazing on newly green pastures and pink clover blossoms.

Austin Bat flew in from Mexico where he’d spent the winter. He arrived overnight without even the light of the moon to guide him using his special radar to navigate to the secluded site.

Nay-Nay Monkey caught a ride with Booski Bear, and Chicklet rode with Rocket who protected her from sly foxes who roam the range.

There were snacks and lemonade, and much merriment. And, some got up to speak.

Booski, who’d just emerged from hibernation, had started the day feeling groggy. Then, refreshed by the sweet taste of the lemonade, he decided to take the podium, a large rock outcropping cantilevered over a stream. He thought of the trout swimming in the cold water below, but for now, he had something to say.

The others had scattered, and not wanting to alarm them with his bellowing voice, Booski used a stick to beat out a rhythm on a cook pot left behind at a nearby campsite. When they heard the thump,thumpa-thump…his Animal Packers brethren quickly gathered. (Booski was very musical, and they recognized his signature beat).

Booski Begins

“Remember how amazed we were when we found out that Littles would be wearinganimal backpacks that look like us? Littles love theirAnimal Packerspreschool backpacks, and Bigs say thatcute, and durable backpacks for very small people used to be impossible to find. And, all of us that inspired the creation ofawesome kids’ backpacks love hanging out together. Yeah, we’re all pretty different, but we’ve learned to love each other, quirks and all.”

“Remember when we thought Austin Bat was hanging out with the wrong crowd because he stayed out all night? Then we discovered that’s just how his family does things. They like to dine late, and usually on the fly.”

Booski went on for a while, his speech growing sentimental. Then he remembered the trout in the stream, and decided that he’d worked up an appetite.

Chicklet Chatter 

Next, Rocket boosted Chicklet up to the podium. She always looks divine and has a passion for making others look their best. She made the acquaintance of a squirrel named Pearl that day who allowed her to add some extra eyelashes to her tiny lids. Once the squirrel saw her reflection in Chicklet’s mirror, she squeaked with delight before scampering up a tall sycamore.

Chicklet shared the latest in fur and feather care and offered to give each of herAnimal Packersfamily a “touch-up”. Before you know it, Buckie Horse and Sammy Bull were sporting elaborate henna tattoos. Nay-Nay was given red lips. Booski Bear got a deep conditioning treatment, while Austin Bat got bright green, glow-in-the-dark highlights.

All of this beautification took quite a while and left everyone ready for a nap. (Austin had been napping most of the day even though he pretended he was just resting his eyes).

Nay-Nay Monkey awoke from her nap feeling refreshed and a little like a fashion model with her rouged lips. She was full of energy and ready to show off as she tumbled, rolled, and did handsprings. She bounded onto the podium, then high into some overhanging branches where she effortlessly swung from branch to branch in a show of strength and grace. Everyone watched Nay-Nay in amazement as she executed her routine. Nay-Nay expressed that they should get together more often and suggested that Sammy Bull head the steering committee to plan future events.

Sammy Sees All

Sammy Bull, just back from a swim in a pond bordering the meadow, came forward. Warmer weather meant more time in the water for Sammy, and she was feeling elated. She said she’d be happy to head the committee and accepted Chicklet, Buckie Horse, and Rocket as volunteers. They took a vote and decided that their next get-together would be an easter party. Everyone loved Easter, especially Austin whose costume would be a red bow tie. (He loved to wear his bat cravat, as he thought it made him appear distinguished).

Sammy asked Buckie Horse to come up and say a few words, though Buckie was not keen on talking that day. He was more of a doer and enjoyed completing projects. He said they would need to decide on a venue for the Easter party and suggested an old barn they’d seen on the way to the fair. They all agreed and discussed a few details, including what games they might play, like bobbing for apples. Sammy and Buckie could carry a lot of supplies, and Rocket could provide technical support.

Rocket is very smart and sometimes prefers to download a map on his phone rather than sniffing out a location. He knows how to hook up a sound system and suggested he could serve as DJ for the event, providing music and sound effects.

Rounding Out

It was now late afternoon, and they hadn’t heard from Austin Bat. By now he was so sound asleep that all of his namesake city’s French-pressed, shade-grown, fair trade coffee would not revive him. The others were a little sad knowing that by the time they awoke the next morning to start their journeys home, Austin would be gone. He would fly back to the city in the wee hours while they snoozed.

They slept under the stars. Chicklet roosted while Rocket slept nearby.

The following morning, they started their procession across the meadow and through the woods. They walked and talked and wondered aloud if Debra might grow their family with morekid’s animal backpacks. Kids have a lot of different personalities, they thought. And havingcute backpacks for kindergarten that best express each of their styles could keep Debra busy.

Could more Animal Packers be joining the family? Stay tuned to find out!