An Animal Packer's Easter - Part 2

On Easter morning, Rocket was the first to wake up. He kept his eyes closed, not wanting to get up just yet. Besides, Chicklet would surely poke him soon enough, wanting to get the Easter festivities going. Even though he didn’t fall back asleep, he felt as though he could hear the forest waking up around him, and through his closed eyes he felt the sunlight break across his face.

Just as he suspected, Chicklet soon chirped everybody awake. Rightfully so-- the whole gang soon had an Easter to remember. Their decorated eggs, which they left in acute preschool backpackunder a nearby Oak tree, were all missing, and they began their hunt!

Austin flew around branches and hideaways, helping Sammi look for eggs high in the trees. Chicklet got a boost from Buckie, and found one of her eggs hidden away in an owl’s nook. Everyone had a turn discovering an egg and calling out to the rest of the gang. Cheers echoed all throughout the trees. You could hear other forest families scurrying around in all directions. By lunchtime, everyone was tuckered out, and ready for a nap.

As they meandered back to the clearing, they wondered if Littles needed naps too. “In theiranimal backpacks I bet they can carry their favorite stuffed animal. That always helps me sleep,” said Nay Nay.

“I’m sure they can,” said Booski, plopping down next to Sammy. “Littles need different things, so I bet Debra made sure lots of things can fit in the Packers. Littles needcute and durable backpacks for school, or for daycare, or things like Easter egg hunts! I hear the one that looks like Sammy gets used as akids hiking pack all the time, for day trips andkids adventure gear. And Austin’s makes a goodpreschool backpack.

The gang nodded in agreement and continued taking stock of their Easter egg hauls. Were there more there than they had decorated? Gifts from the Easter bunny maybe! They each turned the eggs about, admiring the doodles and colors. They wondered how many eggs would fit inside theanimal backpacks Debra had told them about.

Before they knew it, the sun had started to set. Had a whole day passed them by again? They all supposed it was easy to lose track of time when with friends, especially with so much to do! They began to lean on each other, exhausted from their adventures. Each thought differently about the animal backpacks they inspired, and the Littles and Bigs they might get to meet someday.

In the morning, everyone was off in different directions, back to their homes.

Chicklet patted up to Rocket, watching as their friends got smaller and smaller in the distance, and said, “That was a good day, I think. A good Easter day.”

“It was an Easter reunion,” smiled Rocket, putting a paw around Chicklet, his tiny, early rising friend.

Maybe Debra will keep working to make next year’s Easter reunion even bigger!

Could moreanimal backpacks for kids be joining the Animal Packer family? Stay tuned to find out! For now,show the gang what theirquality kids backpacks can do by filling them with what your Little needs!