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Nay-Nay Monkey
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Nay-Nay Monkey: At-a-Glance

  • Washable - "care bag" included
  • Adjustable fit for Littles: toddler - preschool
  • Lightweight: < 1 pound
  • Removable name tag
  • Shipped in re-usable, color-able box*
  • BPA, PVC and phthalate free

*Only available when you buy from our website.

Go Bananas With Your New Best Friend!

The monkey life is a great life. Whether it’s eating all the fruit I want, swinging from tree to tree, or hanging out with my friends and family, I’ve got it made. A lot of people say that monkeys remind them of Littles. We’re rambunctious, love to play, and have a tendency to get a little loud every now and then!

Even though I am an incredibly playful primate, I also love learning new things! New songs, new words, new dances, or new games, I am as curious as I am energetic. Do I remind you at all of your Little? Cuz I’d love to be their new best friend!

Additional Features

  • Added, adjustable shoulder straps make Nay-Nay a great backpack for kids. From ensuring a proper fit to adding extra padded comfort, we cover all the necessities. The fabric we put on the back of the straps helps prevent slipping as your Little moves around.
  • Quick, easy access to the most important things: FOOD!! Use Nay-Nay’s zippered front pouch for snacks and her 2 side pockets for drinks.
  • Fully-lined, bright green interior (we call "Animal Packers Green") to make finding crayons, snuggle-buddies and other essentials easier.
  • ALL the seams are enclosed and finished, even the zipper. No more loose threads getting stuck in the zipper.
  • Washable materials and the included "Care Bag" make keeping Nay-Nay clean a cinch! When it's time for a 'bath,' just put the pack in the care bag and wash in cold water.
  • All Animal Packers backpacks are BPA, PVC and Phthalate free. No toxins whatsoever!
  • Main Body: 29cm x 23cm (11.6" x 9.2")

The Perfect Primate Pal

Littles love Nay-Nay for her ear to ear smile and super soft fabric. One look and you can’t help but squeeze her!

Nay-Nay comes with a removable name tag that is great for going to school or day-care, but easily comes off when it's time for travel.

Nay-Nay is a lightweight backpack made with the proper dimensions for Littles' backs. It's so lightweight that your Little will forget she or he is carrying it. Life is a little easier when you’re a kid, why not make it last?

Nay-Nay is shipped in a re-usable, color-able box. Your Little can color and decorate the box and use it as Nay-Nay’s special sleeping bag or for any other treasures that they come across in their adventures together!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
My daughter loves it!

She wants to carry it everywhere! Well made and super-cute


Nay-Nay Monkey

Perfect for my little guys!

LOVE these backpacks, perfect size for my little guys. Regular kids backpacks purchased elsewheee have just swallowed them up! The fabric is perfect for those (more than occasional) spills, quick -drying, easy to clean. My boys love all the "secret" pockets on the front and sides. (I do too..perfect for water bottles, and sunscreen for quick access at camp) The colors are vibrant and fun, anything but a boring old backpack.. Finally someone thought of lil' guys & their needs!

Such a cute bag!

This is my favorite character of this line. I love the playful face. The bag is lightweight - my daughter can play or run around with it easily.