Keep up with the pack. #CuteButTough


Meet the Packers. Our whimsical friends made of threads.


Which one is your Little's new BFF?


Rocket $45.00
The leader of our pack. Brave, bold, and always looking out for everyone else.

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Booski Bear $40.00
Cute, cuddly, and always shining bright with a smile. Booski Bear has a mood that will never lose.

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Nay-Nay Monkey $40.00
Roll, tumble, and flip into the up and down life of Nay-Nay Monkey. A true forever friend.

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Chicklet $40.00
A bird who always keeps their word. Honesty and friendship come naturally to Chicklet.

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Austin Bat $45.00
The pride and joy of Texas’ capital city. Austin Bat is one fly mammal that knows how to hang.

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Buckie Horse $40.00
From running through pastures, or grazing in green fields, Buckie Horse lives a life that’s always up and active.

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Sammy Bull $40.00
Energetic, curious, and full of life. Sammy Bull is your go-to adventure acquaintance. Where will you take him?

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Rocket Minky Blanket $38.50
Soft, Snuggly and ready to be LOVED by your Little! This adorable 'minky' blanket is the perfect companion to any of our Backpacks.

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E-Gift Card from $45.00
Kids start becoming their own person at a very young age. Let them explore their own unique taste and style with this gift card.

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"Cute but Tough" Big T-shirt from $24.50
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