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The GOAL of any online brand is to drive traffic to the site. We thought,

"Hmmmmm, What if, instead of paying Google and Facebook, we asked our fans to help us drive traffic and we pay THEM instead?"

I know, good idea, right?

Partner with us to make Animal Packers one of the best children's brands, and we'll pay you. We're growing and we want you to grow with us!

Animal Packers Partner Program:

The foundation of our Partner Program is a shared commitment by us and all our Partners to promoting Animal Packers brand values and products. We'll provide you with Social Media posts that are brand approved, but encourage you to modify the message to make it your own.

We are looking for partners that have extensive personal influence and/or have personal websites and/or social media channels that:
  • Are aesthetically pleasing and engaging for their followers.
  • Feature content for parents and grandparents about children and children's products
  • Utilize a combination of both strong photography and copy.
  • Do not display content that may be deemed offensive.
Our compensation plan offers commission on each sale you make; the more you sell each month, the more you'll make! (see below) By sending people to with your personal referral link, or by sharing from one of our share buttons on our product pages, you can earn up to 25% commission each month. When you share your personal referral link with your fans, family and friends, and they make a purchase on our site, YOU will receive the commission!

All Animal Packers Partners begin by making 10% commission on every purchase made using their personal referral link. It costs YOU nothing to become an Animal Packers Partner, and WE fulfill the orders that YOU generate!

Monthly commissions are as follows:
  • Litter (0 - 5 units): 10%
  • Colony (6 - 10 units): 15%
  • Herd (11 - 17 units): 20%
  • Drove (18 +): 25%
YOU receive the commission when anyone who enters our site from your social post or email purchases something!

It's that simple!

We make every effort to respond to approval requests as quickly as possible. For this reason, it's possible that you may not hear back from us immediately. We make every effort to respond within 24 hours.

If you have questions concerning our program, please reach out to us directly. email: