Our Backpack Biology
Our cute and durable backpacks were built to fit
the shoulders of a preschooler or kindergartener,
with the room and space to fit
EVERYTHINGthey need.
Form, Function & Fashion
Every one of our backpacks had a series of design drafts to perfect those bright and smiling faces. Whether it’s the form, function or fashion, there’s a lot to say about our animal backpacks, so let us break it down for you:

Light as a Bird Feather

Well, not really THAT light, but each backpack
weighs in around 7 ounces!

A growing child's body is a beautiful machine!
We want to make sure that our ultra-lightweight
backpacks make it possible for your child to carry
the things he/she really needs, without adding
unnecessary weight!
Nay-Nay Monkey Toddler Backpack, Blue on a 3 year old boy
That's right...
  • Use cold water
  • Use the "Care Bag"
  • Do NOT use stain removers
  • Reshape & Air Dry
We INCLUDE the "Care Bag!"
Nay-Nay Monkey, Bright Green interior, Fully lined
The Ins and Outs
The interior of our backpacks is fully lined with bright "Animal Packers" green fabric, making it easier to see inside. We even tuck the zippers into the lining so NOTHING gets caught on the zipper.... EVER!

Each Animal Packers backpack has:
  • Padded, adjustable shoulder straps that make wearing the backpack a breeze even for the tiniest little one
  • 2 side pockets for drinks, toys, or snacks
  • 1 large zippered pocket under the animal’s mouth (GREAT for snack storage)
  • A Large, bright interior (easy for Little’s eyes and hands)

What Actually Fits inside?

Let's start with what a Little needs to carry on a daily outing, family trip or to school/daycare:

Water/drink, snacks (at least 2), extra change of clothes, diapers and wipes, activity books & art supplies to keep busy, favorite small games or puzzles, snuggle buddy (in addition to his backpack!)

All of these things together weigh about 3 pounds, so it will NOT weigh your little one down. All together, your little one will be carrying less than 4 pounds. TOTAL!That's so light, he may not notice that's he's carrying all his own stuff!

(Note: the stuff shown here only weighs about 2 pounds!)

Animal Packers backpacks are designed to carry up to 5 pounds.

HOWEVER, our lightweight backpacks just can't handle 3 full water bottles, 2 bags of crackers, 4 snack bars, a change of clothing, Mommy's wallet, car keys and lipstick.

Although these things will fit inside, the neoprene fabric can't handle the stress. It's like the time I put my husband's fitness weights in a plastic laundry basket to move them. I'm a feisty little beast, so when I (attempted to) pick up the basket, you can imagine what happened to the plastic!