Frequently Asked Questions

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What are your backpacks made of?

Our animal backpacks are made entirely without any toxin or environment-damaging chemicals. And only the softest of fabrics for our littles. We use ⅛” neoprene that has been fully tested.  Not only is this fabric super-safe, it’s super lightweight, washable and durable, too!

What are ethically manufactured backpacks?

Ethically manufactured backpacks are backpacks produced and manufactured with care and fair treatment every step of the way. From design and production to shipping and handling, Animal Packers goes to great heights to ensure every individual involved in the process is paid and treated fairly. Including a social compliance audit done on our behalf. Read more about our ethics here.

How did the Animal Packers characters get their names?

The characters were named after close family members of Debra’s. Check out the blogs All Names Mean Something Part 1 and Part 2.

Where are Animal Packers backpacks manufactured?

The backpacks are made at a socially compliant and ethically responsible factory in China that Debra has personally visited herself several times! In fact, she’s become such a local that they even gave Debra her own Chinese name! 嘉琳 (pronounced: "Jiā lín")

In Chinese, it sounds like the first part of her last name.

What are the backpack’s features?

All backpacks weigh about ⅔ of a pound, have a fully lined interior, 2 side pockets for drinks, toys, or snacks, 1 large zippered pocket under the animal’s mouth and a large bright interior. See how we break down our backpacks from top to bottom.

Do the backpacks work as a kids’ carry on?

Totally! Animal Packers are great as a kid’s carry on backpack due to their lightweight and spacious interior. And they double as a great pillow!

Are the backpacks durable?

These backpacks were designed to withstand the life of a little. When it comes to something they use every day, like backpacks, you need something that is strong and can be maintained. That’s why we’ve made our backpacks machine washable as well.

What was the inspiration behind the animal backpacks?

One day, Debra’s daughter, mother of two, asked if she could make her older daughter Olivia a backpack. This smiling (and very tiny) 1 ½ year old then asked, “Nana, could you make me a ‘Yion’ backpack?” And during the construction of one animal backpack, Debra was inspired to create a whole line of them.

Can Animal Packers be used as preschool and kindergarten backpacks?

Our animal backpacks were specifically designed to be small enough to fit on the backs of kindergarteners and preschoolers, but big enough to hold their school materials and anything else they might need for adventures. An office folder will fit, but the top corners might get crumpled with use. We made the decision to design our backpacks for little bodies, not office products. And from my experience, the folders get crumpled anyway, regardless of the backpack!

Are the backpacks machine washable? What are the care instructions?

Yes! Our animal backpacks are 100% machine washable. Just place them in the Animal Packer’s provided care bag, use cold water, DON’T use stain remover (they may damage the fabric), reshape, and air dry. See our video here.

What actually fits?

From daily outings, family trips, to school and daycare, our backpacks can fit a lot. Here’s a common list: water/drink, snacks (at least 2!), extra change of clothes, diapers and wipes, activity books & art supplies to keep busy, favorite small games or puzzles, snuggle buddy (in addition to their backpack!). All of these together weigh up to 3 pounds, totaling to just 4 pounds in all with the backpack. While our backpacks are built to last, we do not suggest exceeding 5 pounds!