In June of 2015, my daughter, mother to two precious little girls, asked me if I could make a backpack small enough to fit her older daughter Olivia,
but large enough for Olivia to carry her own stuff.
This precious (and very tiny) 2 ½ yr. old then asked,

"Nana, could you make me a 'Yion' backpack?"
Who could say "no" to this face?
While working on designs for the ‘Yion’
I came up with several other silly animal designs by drawing inspiration from characters I drew when I was a kid. I was having so much fun designing and creating these little backpacks that I wondered if they could turn into a viable business. What exactly would it take to bring these fun designs to life? I knew how much work and time was involved in making one bag, so THAT model wasn’t scalable. But could I find a way to have them manufactured?
HOW did this idea become to a COMPANY?
I just kept finding answers to the questions that arose. The next big questions were WHERE do you find a manufacturer and HOW?

I also decided that if I was going to do this I wanted to find a Manufacturer that was ethical in their business practices and produced products of high quality. Yep, a tall order for sure, but guess what?

After visiting China and touring some factories, we found a supplier that fit our needs.
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Meet the Designer
I'm Debra, an adventure-loving Mom and Nana, and the designer behind the Animal Packers Brand. I'm an engineer by education and I use that background to both design and manage the manufacture of our bags.

I am detail-oriented in my designs and processes and I'm super-excited to be on this crazy (yep.....CRAZY) adventure!

Our first line of children’s backpacks features uniquely designed animal faces in happy, engagingly-bright colors. Each backpack design is created with love, attention and playfulness and is named after someone special. Each has its own unique story! (We'll introduce our backpacks in our Animal Packers BLOG so stay tuned!)

I hope your kiddo will have a blast finding pockets and other details in the backpack. I also hope that you share our mission to be ethical in our sourcing and manufacturing, mindful in our designs and eco-friendly in our business practices!

And..... you can rest assured that our backpacks are made from high-quality eco-friendly materials that are BPA, Phthalate and PVC free.
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