Buckie Horse

Howdy, Y'all!  My one and only wish is to roam the range, looking for adventures  with my very own 'Buck-er-oo.' I love adventures, and I promise to always have his or her back.


Riding the Range is not ALL Buckie can do.....

Padded, adjustable shoulder straps allow Buckie to fit properly and comfortably. The fabric we put on the back of the straps helps prevent slipping as your little one moves around.

Quick, easy access to the most important things: FOOD!! Use Buckie's zippered front pouch for snacks and his 2 side pockets for drinks.

Fully-lined, bright green interior (we call in "Animal Packers Green") to make finding crayons, snuggle-buddies and other essentials easier for little hands.

ALL the seams are enclosed and finished, even the zipper. No more loose threads getting stuck in the zipper.

MACHINE Washable materials AND the included"Care Bag" make keeping Buckie clean a cinch! When it's time for a 'bath,' just put Buckie in the care bag and wash in cold water.

Buckie has passed all tests to be BPA, PVC and Phthalate free.

Main Body: 29cm x 23cm (11.6" x 9.2")