It's a BIRD.... It's a T-REX.... It's CHICKLET
"Ok, so really, I'm a bird.  But my ancestors were DINOSAURS! (Theropods, like the T-Rex, to be exact.) Most people don't know this about birds, but now YOU do!  I love to learn fun facts about animals and explore the outdoors looking for bugs.  Does that sound like a "Little" you know?

A fun fact about birds is that we have hollow bones.  That's what makes us so light that we can fly.  I can't fly, but I AM very lightweight!  

I can help YOUR "Little" feel like a "Big" when we go on adventures together.  She can put all her stuff in me and I'll be her best friend!  I'll always have her back! 

I come in 3 bright, beautiful colors (but birds come in 15 different colors!)  I wonder what color a T-Rex would like best?"

Chicklet is the perfect "Little" Backpack for school, travel and fun outings!  

Rocket embroidery on side pocket
Bright green interior, fully-lined
beautiful embroidery on the back

What Parents need to know about Chicklet

  • Chicklet comes with a Removable Name Tag that is great for going to school or day-care, but easily comes off when it's time for travel.
  • Chicklet  is both lightweight and made with the proper dimensions for Littles' backs.  It's so lightweight, that your Little will forget she's carrying it.  
  • Chicklet is shipped in a Re-usable, Color-able box.  Your Little can color and decorate the box and use it as Chicklet's nest or use it for other treasures.
  • Padded, adjustable shoulder straps allow Chicklet  to fit properly and comfortably.  The fabric we put on the back of the straps helps prevent slipping as your Little moves around. 
  • Quick, easy access to the most important things: FOOD!!  Use Chicklet s zippered front pouch for snacks and his 2 side pockets for drinks.
  • Fully-lined, bright green interior (we call in "Animal Packers Green") to make finding crayons, snuggle-buddies and other essentials easier for Littles. 
  • ALL the seams are enclosed and finished, even the zipper.  No more loose threads getting stuck in the zipper.  YEAH, Animal Packers!!
  • Washable materials AND the included "Care Bag" make keeping Chicklet  Clean a cinch! When it's time for a 'bath,' just put Chicklet in the care bag and wash in cold water.
Booski Pink is great for travel
Booski Blue is great for travel
Booski Purple
Booski Yellow

Grab Your Backpack.....Let's GO!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Cute and GREAT on our trip!

This backpack looks so cute on my son (age 2!) He loved carrying it for our vacation. He felt like such a big boy!

Love the size!

My daughter loves this back pack! It is the perfect size for her tiny frame, and made out of a light weight yet durable fabric that stays cool in our Texas heat. We can fit everything she needs for a day away from the house, and she can carry it all herself!